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If you want to get more enjoyment from the time you spend in your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place.

Eric - Great Kitchen Stuff

I’m Eric. I’m no chef, just a passionate home cook who believes in using the right tool for every job.

Why this blog?

For years, we’ve been a go-to resource for family and friends looking to upgrade or make new purchases of kitchen equipment.

It wasn’t always this way. When I first moved in with my wife, we inherited a cardboard box full of old kitchen items, which we were able to supplement with a few purchases from local thrift shops and variety stores, plus some cheap pots and pans that my wife brought with her from her previous apartment.

It didn’t take long to realize that preparing good food would be a challenge with the equipment we had. Bit by bit, over a period of years, we replaced and added to our collection with tools that were worth cooking with.

We’re often surprised by how little people think about the tools they use every day in their kitchens, and we love enhancing other families’ lives by sharing what we’ve learned!


Our mission:

To bring increased joy to the everyday experience of preparing food in the home kitchen.

We’ve been sharing our knowledge of kitchen equipment with others for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve come to understand that happy kitchens make happy families.


Our philosophy:

We believe it’s worth saving up for a great item, rather than buying a bunch of lousy versions.

We believe the right equipment makes the time you spend in your kitchen more pleasurable.

We salute manufacturers that combine great products with great value.

When possible, we prefer items that can last a lifetime (and sometimes several lifetimes!).


Our reviews:

  • We own and use everything we review.
  • We tend to recommend very few products in a category, typically just one.
  • We do tons of research before trying products ourselves, usually selecting top-selling and well-reviewed products from online retailers such as Amazon, and also relying on reputable review sites that do their own testing.
  • Our reviews are primarily based on our personal experience, but we sometimes seek out the opinions of family, friends and partners.
  • We don’t recommend things we won’t use, or that you don’t need.
  • We’re not big fans of single-use tools (although there are a few we can’t live without).
  • Within reason, we typically do not consider cost when selecting (and recommending) kitchen equipment. Sometimes our favourite things are remarkably affordable. In other cases, we’ve been known to save up for months (or even years) to buy something we dream of.


Our methodology:

Before making a purchase, we start by doing a lot of research. Typically, we’ll check about 30 sources (some free, and some subscription-based) before deciding which item to try in our own kitchen. Based on this research, we make an educated guess as to which item will best meet our needs. If we love an item we’ve purchased, we’ll recommend it. If we don’t, we’ll look for a different one that works better for us.

We usually have not tried every item in a particular category, and we remain open to updating our choices at any time if we discover something we prefer to our previous selection.

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